Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank you...

Hi All, I have been trying lately to put on this blog a meter to keep everyone up to date on how much money we have raised for Alaina. I'm having a tough time finding one:) To date we have raised $1840, Thank you!

An update on her surgery...everything is going as planned and we have the date, we just booked our hotel and I just made an appointment with her pediatrician for a history and physical, plus she needs some lab work done! Since we have confirmed that we are having the surgery done, the amounts are confirmed...for the actual surgery it is about $8700, for her to be in the hospital it is about $3500 and for the anesthesiologist it is $875. So we estimated a little low. We trust that God will provide for our needs and we are so thankful for every one's support thus far!!!

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amy said...

Trish: I would love to send something for Alaina. She is so sweet. Please let me know how. You can email me at
Amy (mason and t.t's mom)