Thursday, June 19, 2008

At the update!

Alaina is doing so well! We officially got the letter from Dr. Nuzzo stating that she is a candidate for the PERC's surgery so we are very excited about that. So we are planning for the end of September. There is a link to what Dr. Nuzzo does on the sidebar. We took the girls to the park and they had so much fun!
This picture is so cute. Addie wanted to hang onto Alaina's hand, but she needs it to hold onto the walker, so Addie just held onto her walker and walked side by side:) so sweet!
We are on summer vacation and Alaina is enrolled in Occupational therapy and Aquatic therapy. She loves both!
Thank you to all who have supported us already! We appreciate it so much!
I will be adding the list of auction items soon!